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What Should a Well Balanced Healthy Diet Consist of?

A balanced healthy diet, as the name suggests is the perfect blend of every ingredient starting from Vitamins, to Carbohydrate, to even the minor chlorine and sulfur. Water is also a very vital part of this diet, as is fiber and energy.


Eating healthy four course meals ensures a balance that helps better functioning of the human body and also help build up the body’s resistance power. From fighting minor diseases like cough and cold and headaches to resisting the bigger diseases like cancer, jaundice etc the balanced diet does all.

Chalking out the balanced healthy diet

It is very important to work according to a routine when it comes to intake of nutrients in your daily diet. The balanced diet obviously means charting out the proper nutritional diet for the humans that ensures health and helps fighting diseases. According to the medical councils and doctors, the healthy diet must include food that comprises a few particular groups-The fruits and vegetables, the milk and milk products, grains, meat and its substitutes. The daily meals must include foods from all these categories; however, what you introduce will vary from person to person and one’s tastes.

Remaining healthy

To stay healthy one must include food items of each group in their diet. This will help create a balanced healthy diet according to the food pyramid and the medical prescribing of a healthy diet. For the proper functioning of the body metabolism rate and to stay fit, a perfect diet is very necessary. Fruits and vegetables in the diet ensure regular mineral supply in the body helping it to balance the functioning of the body in the right way. The vital activities of the body right from head to toe are regulated by these elements. Along with this, we get proper Vitamin supply for the body as well.

The other side of the diet

Food grains helps supply constant energy to the body, so including foods that are rich in grains like the breads, cereals, pasta etc helps in maintaining a regular flow of energy in the body. Along with this, also try to introduce more of milk, and milk products like yoghurt, low fat cheese etc. helps in ensuring a constant supply of vitamins and calcium in the body. To top everything just include a constant amount of meat and fish in the food. This will help you to maintain the balance for all the other components needed by the body to as a balanced healthy diet.

Following the basics of healthy diet principles will help you achieve better results. It is like working on the strict military guidance and trying to keep your body in control to help it fight diseases better and keep it toned in the right way. The proper dietary changes are bound to produce some sufficient noticeable changes in the body. Keeping the body healthy will also reflect vitally on the mental front as well. Thus, it becomes all the more important to go for a balanced healthy diet to secure a healthy body and mind.

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