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Top Tips for Getting Healthy in 2013

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Here are some useful tips for getting healthy this year.


Eat Breakfast

Studies suggest that eating breakfast can help to lower your cholesterol. When we skip breakfast, or replace it with caffeine, the body can go without food for 10-16 hours. Our internal chemistry begins to shift to a mode of starvation which changes the way blood sugar levels are regulated. Eating a generous serving of fruit and whole grains every morning is an easy step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Drink More Water

It is essential we replace the water we lose though through urination, sweat and mucus among other things. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will also improve energy levels and reduce aches and pains.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

A wide variety of fresh produce in your diet is a great way to get healthy. Fruits and vegetables contain essential nutrients for maintaining a healthy body. For example, dark berries contain antioxidants which can improve the immune system. Also bananas are a good source of potassium which is said to reduce stress, increase muscular strength and improve metabolism.

Get Active

Sitting down for long periods of time at work or in front of the TV reduces the effectiveness of the enzyme in our bodies which helps to break down blood sugars. This can contribute to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and a variety of other health risks.

Make steps to reduce the amount of time you spend sitting down. For example, you could sell all your old and unwanted DVDs at http://www.musicmagpie.com/ and contribute what you make towards the cost of an exercise bike to go in front of the TV.

Be Positive

Traditional Chinese medicine recognises that your emotions can affect your health. If you experience very strong emotions or prolonged emotional disturbance, your body can have a physical reaction. For example, it is thought that anxiety leads to eczema or psoriasis, and that constant anger can affect the liver.

Likewise, a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Exercising releases endorphins which relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Try to achieve a good balance of mental and physical health this year.

Try Yoga

Evidence suggests that yoga has been practiced by humans for thousands of years. Health benefits include musculoskeletal and mental health improvements, as well as reduced blood pressure and increased brain function. Both ancient wisdom and modern research attest to the effectiveness of yoga, so give it a try.

Set Achievable Goals

It is good to have a goal to work towards when trying to get healthy. If you are trying to lose or gain weight, set targets for yourself so you can assess your progress. Signing up for a sporting event like a fun run or sports tournament is a great way to push yourself and gives you something to work towards.

You don’t have to run double marathons every day to live a long and healthy life – just follow these easy tips and you’ll be happier and healthier in 2013.

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