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Tasty and Quick Healthy Diet Recipe for Office Goer

The demand of the current time is for a healthy and quick diet. Quick is the operative word here, for most of them, especially for office goers. They are always hard pressed for time and they have loads of duties and tasks that already occupy their time.

They also have to commute to their offices early in the day and then there is the added pressure of the work. There are conferences and seminars that have to be prepared for and then attended. These take a lot of time and that means that they have less time for themselves.

They do not take care of their health because they feel they have more important responsibilities to handle. They divide their time amongst those responsibilities instead of paying attention to their health and diet habits.

What they do not realize is that their health has a say when it comes to the matter of their performance in the office responsibilities. Unhealthy food and long hours without actually eating anything can wreak havoc on their metabolism. This gives them sluggish reflexes, dipping energy levels and makes them very tired by half of the day.

These are symptoms of bigger more important health issues that build up over a span of time. They suffer from hypertension and sometimes diabetes. Metabolic disorders lead to obesity and this in turn leads to arthritis and heart diseases. All this just because you do not take care of your eating habits for responsibilities at the office; don’t you think it is a highly uneven trade? All the disadvantages lie at your doorstep.

What should be done is we should take some time to prepare a diet plan with healthy diet recipes. There are various sites and cookbooks that can offer healthy recipes which are easy to cook and tasty too. These recipes are low in fat and high in nutrition and definitely high in taste.  Even if sitting down to prepare such a diet plan is going to take some time but it will definitely be worth it. You would not have to do it every time. You just prepare it once and then you can add variety to it or come up with some changes that will render the whole recipe different.

The important things to keep in mind are:

  • Focus on a healthy diet. So think healthy.
  • Say no to refined foods. Opt for whole grains instead.
  • Always go for fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Say no to spicy or over fried food items.

Here is a quick recipe for the very busy office goes. This is a smoothie recipe and it is very tasty and nutritious. It works as a breakfast option or can cover as a power lunch option too.

  • Blend together strawberries, cranberries, skim milk yogurt, honey, carrots and some crushed ice.
  • If you want you can throw in some wheat germ and scraped vanilla beans in the smoothie.

It is a tasty, healthy diet recipe that does not cut your time at all.

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