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Pros and Cons of Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie Pro Con

Green Smoothies are a brilliant discovery. Victoria Boutenko sure knew what she was talking about when she sung the benefits of green smoothies! Nutritious, yummy and wholesome, these smoothies should be incorporated in every individual’s diet.

The Standard American Diet is sadly lacking in greens which is probably why so many people in our nation are diseased, overweight or simply suffer from really low energy levels. The green smoothie takes care of all that.

There are a lot of pros of green smoothies and some cons of green smoothies. I’m here to show you both sides of the coin so that you can decide for yourself.

Green Smoothie Pros

  • These amazing drinks are really easy on our digestive systems. They work wonders, simply because blending the greens ruptures all the cells present in them and releases all the nutrients which are packed into these greens. This would not have otherwise been possible, because simply chewing these greens is simply not enough.
  • The combination of leafy green vegetables and fruits is really rich in fiber and we all know how important fiber is in our diet. It takes care of constipation, helps people to lose weight and facilitates proper bowel movements.
  • Chlorophyll present in the green veggies is extremely beneficial since it helps to purify the blood, get rid of bad breath and body odor and effectively corrects anemia.
  • Green smoothies alter the pH of our body from acidic to alkaline. Most deadly diseases like cancer, aids, various heart diseases and even things as simply as cold or the flu flourish in the acidic pH range, but green smoothies don’t give them a change to damage your bodies!

Green Smoothie Cons

  • For most people, this would be a benefit, but losing weight for some people is a major con. If you are at your optimal weight then losing weight will make you unhealthy and this, of course is undesirable. The green smoothie diet helps you lose weight, sometimes when it is not necessary.
  • Well, this is a matter of will power but one will suffer from cravings for meat and cooked food, when on a raw food diet. This may lead to one switching over again which defeats the entire purpose!
  • Here’s a little known fact, but making green smoothies doesn’t come cheap unless you happen to have a farmer’s market nearby. Firstly, one must invest in a good blender and getting a regular supply of organic fruits does not come cheap. Moreover, few people have the time to make green smoothies everyday and we all know that fresh green smoothies are the best in terms of health benefits and overall well being.

So there you have it, two sides of the coin, but personally I think that the pros of green smoothies far outweigh the cons, so I would suggest that everyone should at least give this a try.

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