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No Carb Diet Tips

no carb diet tips

Avoiding fats like the plague, but still you are getting fat? Have you ever considered that the carbs you consume with a clear conscience could be the reason for your extra pounds? Carbs are the primary source of energy for our body. If we consume too much then any amount of fat consumed gets deposited in all the wrong places.

  • Always eat in moderation. You should never over eat. Try and restrict the amount of food you eat in your meals. This does not mean you should go hungry.
  • It is best to abstain from drinking beverages with high sugar content. They have a very high calorific value but they are not nutritious. They don’t even fill you up.
  • Since your carb intake is very low you should make sure you body gets enough proteins. Lean meats are the best for your health.
  • Be wise in your food selection. Brown rice and bread is a lot better than its white counterpart. Try and consume whole grains. Avoid white sugar, potatoes, white rice and white flour.
  • Lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet is the need of the hour. They are very nutritious, contain low carbs and fill you up because they have high fiber content.

By following such a diet you can lose all that flab. So consult a nutritionist now and find the no carb diet best suited for you.

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