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How Nick Jonas Manages His Diabetes

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas may just be eighteen years of age, but he is one of America’s – or even the world’s – most popular teen heart throbs. This heart – stopping handsome young man has the good looks and the charm which can sweep just about any girl off her feet – no matter her age! And he succeeded too, with Miley Cyrus!

Nick is a picture of fitness and health and has recently teamed up with first lady, Michelle Obama, to promote fitness among young people in the United States. Michelle’s campaign, titles, “Disney Magic Of Healthy Living” is basically an initiative which is all for the healthy lifestyle Michelle wants to see the youth of the country leading.

Would anyone guess that Nick Jonas – who is an icon of teen health actually suffers from diabetes? Even five years ago, when the young Jonas was just thirteen his body was in danger because he had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

Nick had known all along that there was something wrong with his body, but he never knew exactly what it was. This kind of diabetes is basically an autoimmune disease where the body’s immune system goes about destroying the body’s own insulin producing cells. But luckily, this disease can be managed but only if you are careful and Nick Jonas surely is.

In fact, Nick was relieved to find that it was Type 1 diabetes which he had and could control it. One of the basic things that Nick does is check his blood sugar level about twelve times in a day. Now that might seem like he’s going over the top, but it is totally not, when you are a celeb of Nick’s stature who needs to be fit all the time.

Nick says that though there are times when he’s frustrated because of his condition, he has learnt that he needs to be dependent on his doctors and near and dear ones. He says that no matter how independent you are, you need to be willing to receive help and care.

Plus there is Nick’s religious fitness routine which helps him look the way he does. Oh and there is the little matter of performing in front of crazy, screaming fans most nights a week. For at least two hours. That’s cardio for you! Hats off to the youngest Jonas for being so brave and managing his diabetes so well!

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