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Healthy Snacks that You Must Try at Home

You have an early evening meeting with a very important client but you are quite worried with a healthy diet snacks preparation for your kids. It is very natural to feel upset and worry on this issue; it is not so easy to come across some healthy snacks recipe all the time.

You are going to attend a meeting that does not mean you will just let your kids eat some unhealthy fast food. Just try to prepare some easy, less time-consuming snack and let them smile while you are out. Here are the recipes that you can easily try anytime at home, with very less to think about the health factor.

The snacking sizzler

It will just take twenty minutes of your time to prepare and serve this snack. First, take some sprouted pulses or sprouted beans and add some chopped onions and tomatoes. Just start frying them in oil for a few minutes. Do not deep fry, let the colors change you will understand when you smell the onions and see its color change to brown.

Remove it, add a bit of oil, and start frying a steak of meat / chicken / pork once again. You can use other pieces or cubes as well. Then remove everything and start heating a sizzler plate. Remove it when heated, add a cauliflower leaf and then slowly add all the cooked ingredients. Dress it up using smashed potato or carrot sticks. Sprinkle sauce on it, to keep the sizzling on.

The easy lasagna

This is a very easy to cook carbohydrate food which makes for a great snack. Boil one or two big size potatoes and keep it aside. When cooled just grate them after peeling. Arrange these grated layer in a plate on top of which add scrambled eggs and sweet corn. Again, envelope the other layers with one top coating of grated potatoes. For dressing just grate cheese and sprinkle, also you can try sprinkling a few drops of fresh lime and pepper on it. Your afternoon snack is ready with health. Serve it hot to get the fee of healthy diet snacks.

Sweet snacking

Some people tend to have e sweet tooth so snacking for them sometimes means gorging on some thing sweet. Rather than eating unhealthy, you can easily prepare something at home and curb down the hunger with a healthy diet snacks. It is the pudding that you can make in no time, have it plain or add vanilla essence to get a vanilla taste or even add chocolate flavor to it, for better taste. If you are counting on the calories, remember it is not that much compared to the health that it brings.

If you neglect the snack and avoid putting in some time to prepare it, you are bound to end up messing up the whole health diet. It does not require much to cook up for snacks what you only need is innovation and a bit of effort. Just a bit of tactics can only make it better for you; just try to plan from beforehand to make it easier and save time. Even while cooking the main meals you can just get the ingredients of the snack ready for the later part. It is healthy diet snacks that you should always prepare and nothing else.

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