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Healthy Dieting to Lose Weight Fast

Your friend asked you to start dieting, and you have easily agreed but is it healthy dieting that you have opted for? Many a times in the past you have felt bad and felt extremely low because of the stares and comments around you.

It is very natural that people around you have made fun of you and joked because of your weight. However, when you have accepted to go on a diet and help yourself, then it is all about following the simple steps of a healthy diet and soon emerge as the talk of the town. Remember to keep health as your priority and go ahead with a peace of mind.

Easy weight loss diet

Going for the artificial means of reducing those extra kilos, is bound to leave its trace in a very negative way. Trying out the healthy techniques that are extremely easy as well is bound to help you in the end as well. Try not to skip any meals and at the same time equalize between the healthy foods groups that you consume. It is very important to keep your stomach full all the time with healthy food so that there is no risk of gaining unnecessary weight in between meal intervals. Staying healthy is easy, this will work wonders on the weight as well only caution, and awareness is what you need.

Heavy breakfast is necessary

When you are planning a healthy diet, remember to start of your day with an extremely healthy and balanced breakfast. You will have to remember to keep the energy levels regulated along with light eating practice. A fruit shake, or simply some available raw fruit with two pieces of toasted lightly buttered toast along with a cup of yoghurt is the best way to start the day. You can also substitute with jelly on some days and eat scrambled eggs as well. Break the monotony and keep altering between the few available options.

The lunch and the supper

Healthy dieting does not mean starving; it just means eating right by allowing the body to get a proper supply of all the essential nutrients. For lunches just try eating brown bread sandwiches, with lots of veggies and if you want then you can use very less amount of chicken or ham cubes. Accordingly, for dinner you can eat a salad or even at some days try rewarding yourself by cooking up a very light less fried noodles recipe. Try balancing the amount of meat you eat in the day, more of fish is better for the health and is low in calories.

When you are dieting, remember to curb down your hunger by drinking water or fruit juices at regular intervals. For quick snacks, try munching some carrot sticks with some potato sticks. Alternatively, even just eat a light cucumber and tomato salad with a pinch of sugar and salt added to taste. It is very important to eat properly while following healthy dieting and not eating less.

About Stella Norman

Stella Norman, a renowned nutritionist and health expert in California, loves to share her diet tips, diet tricks and strategies to maintain a good health. Read her website to know more.

One comment

  1. Lemme share my weight loss journey from a big fat ass to a healthy slim guy..

    Well, there are so many things that led to weight loss. But, one should not lose hope while trying to lose some extra weight..

    If you lack in motivation, you won’t be able to achieve your target goal weight..

    I went to gym and did 40 minutes of aerobics and 40 minutes of weight training twice a day..

    I stopped eating fried food, sweets, soft drinks and such other food..

    If you follow these tips, you will surely be able to transform yourself in a very less time :)

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