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Healthy Diet Meals Plan for a Week

Working out healthy diet meals is just as easy as you could ever believe. There is nothing much in the process of meal planning. You will have to be very cautious about the calorie count that you put in each day and work it out with patience and care. Do not try to hasten up and get things wrong.


Let us unfold an easy to follow meal plan for you, just for the coming week. You can easily help yourself with the next few by just altering the original one. There is not much of hassle involved once you are patient and know your food right.


Monday being the first day, you can go for oatmeal and milk along with some fresh fruits like strawberries and apples. On Tuesday try out something exciting with the egg, let us say Spanish omelet by putting in everything into the egg and frying. On Wednesday, yoghurt and fresh fruits will work well. However, try to introduce something different like a sandwich on Thursday. Put in everything from vegetables to a slice of low fat cheese to some chicken or pork. On Friday, again make it light with pancakes of your choice and then Saturdays and Sundays you can really take a bit of advantage of the weekend and try turkey rolls or even waffles and then noodles salads as well.


Coming to lunch you can easily start the week with salads, be it fresh fruit or vegetable and you can even club in a few fruits with spinach and chicken cubes as well. Try out boiled vegetables and chicken/ fish alternatively on the next two days of the week. Do not forget to add some pepper and lime juice to this. Try out the sprout salad in a bit fried way on Thursday. Friday you can go for some non-vegetarian wraps that will be excellent on your taste buds. Just sip into some fruit juice with this to make it better. For the weekend, you can actually prepare some exciting and innovative pasta and pizza. Add all your favorite toppings, ingredients respectively.


Try to begin the week with some light grilled chicken stake along with smashed potato and baked beans. Prepare easy pasta some times to make it better for the Tuesday or the Wednesday. You can easily try cooking up some light noodles on Wednesday along with mixed fruit custard. On Thursday, try out the Salmon steak with some pepper and pineapple. Friday you can reserve for some pepperoni pizzas to make it better and spicy. While on the weekend, try out barbeque or some Mexican. Just remember to make it light yet interesting and innovative.

It is healthy eating that you are looking for so do not go excess with what you are planning just try to reduce as much calorie as possible. If you want, you can just alter the dinner and lunch menu according to your routine to suit it better. With time just learn to devise your own plan for the week by just following the easy tips. Healthy diet meals are easy to follow and easy to maintain even with a low budget, just manipulate the plan according to your own comfort.

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