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Florentine Ravioli – Healthy Pasta Recipe


When I picture a dish of pasta, I automatically start drooling. I absolutely love pasta! It is the yummiest thing we borrowed from the Italians; personally I would cast my vote for pasta over pizza! Oh yes, absolutely, I LOVE PASTA!!!

But the problem is, every time I eat pasta I feel incredibly guilty. Along with being mouth watering and delicious, it is one of the most fattening (non-sweet) foods we know of!

A friend of mine experimented with making a healthy pasta recipe and she’s allowed me to share it with all my fellow pasta-lovers! So cheers to pasta! Have fun eating this pasta with a guilt-free conscience.

Ingredients for Cooking Florentine Ravioli

[shopeat_ingredients]20-ounce pack of frozen tortellini -1 (works out to four cups)
16 ounce bag of chopped spinach – 1
Red pepper – ¼ teaspoon or according to taste
Parmesan Cheese – ¼ Cup
Minced Cloves Garlic – 4
Salt to taste
Extra-virgin olive oil – 6 teaspoons
Water – ½ Cup[/shopeat_ingredients] [shopeat_button]

Method of Cooking Florentine Ravioli

1) Boil water in a large bowl. Cook the tortellini according to instructions on the pack.

2) Put two teaspoons of oil in a skillet and heat it at medium temperature range. Add the garlic to the oil and cook it until it becomes fragrant. Thereafter add salt, red pepper, spinach and water. Cook the mixture, stirring it continuously until the spinach has thawed and softened sufficiently. Do this for around five to seven minutes.

3) Following this, pour out the mixture into four bowls and divide it evenly.

4) After pouring out this mixture, add the pasta into the bowls, in proportion to the spinach mixture. Pour the oil on the pasta and then top with the parmesan cheese. Serve your healthy pasta!

Nutritional Information (Per serving) – 4 servings


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