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A Healthy Balanced Diet Chart for You to Manage Cholesterol

When was the last time you indulged yourself in a sumptuous platter without getting worried about your rising cholesterol level and thinking about following a healthy balanced diet? If the answer is ‘don’t remember’, we believe you have come to the right place for solving your problems.


We believe there is much more to managing your cholesterol level than just sacrificing luxurious feasts, skipping meals or thinking of certain remedies. All you have to do is to resort to a standard and balanced diet chart so that even the thought of increasing cholesterol level does not come to your mind, leave alone it happening in reality.

The Art of Complete Breakfast

Rule #1 for a healthy balanced diet is to have a breakfast that is complete in every sense and fulfill the requirements of your body. Being the very first meal of the day, breakfast should be taken very seriously and a balance should be maintained religiously. A couple of whole grain cookies to start with is a real good option.

Followed by a brown bread toast with margarine and then a vegetable or fruit salad would be just fine. While the fiber content in the whole grain and brown bread keeps the bowel moving, the fruits and veggies, with their protein and mineral content helps in providing the body with all the energy it needs to deal with a stressful day and managing the cholesterol levels.

Punch the Cholesterol with a Power Lunch

While a wholesome breakfast is needed to suffice the energy requirement of our body, a balanced lunch is another main component of a healthy balanced diet that provides us all the nutrient content that is needed for the rest of the day. An ideal lunch should contain 2-3 spoons of brown rice, vegetables that are strictly stir fried with olive or soya oil, a couple of slices of fish, chicken or turkey, preferably boiled or roasted followed by a glass of orange or apple juice.

While brown rice is rich in minerals, stir-fried vegetables, keep all the nutrients intact. Discarding red meat and resorting to chicken, turkey or fish would give all the good fats that are needed by the body.

Eat in Regular Intervals and Have a Light Dinner

Make sure that your body keeps getting proper food in regular intervals. Between the breakfast and the lunch, or the lunch and the dinner keep having a fruit or two. Even munching on a couple of whole grain cookies or a protein bar in between can always give your boy that extra dose of energy during the meal intervals. Rule no.3 of a healthy balanced diet is to have an extremely light dinner. May be a bowl of corn or chicken soup with a few pieces of bread can be more than enough. Actually while we sleep, our body does not concentrate much on the digestive functions, hence a light supper.

If you are disappointed to see that the above-mentioned chart doesn’t include your favorite burger or pasta, let us remind you one thing, keeping healthy and maintaining a low cholesterol level is indirectly proportional to the amount of junk food intake. Lesser the intake of saturated fats and carbs, higher is the chance of you maintaining your cholesterol level. Of course, occasionally indulging in a heartening steak is always a welcome break!

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