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A Day In The Life of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is the world’s top tennis player today, having dethroned Roger Federer from that position a while back. Rafael looks uber gorgeous too and is in great shape. How does he manage to do it? Yes, he is on a strict diet and fitness routine, but Rafeal like his carbs alright.

For example, did you know that Rafa loves his pasta. Plus he eats a lot of bananas which as we all know is a fruit with a high glycemic index. Rafa also loves his seafood. One thing he has in common with rival Roger Federer is his love for bananas. Yes, the tennis world’s two top stars are huge fans of bananas! Oh and Nadal has confessed to a weakness for chocolates. We hear you!

Nadal’s day begins at 8:30, when he wakes up. He plays tennis for four hours straight – from 9:30 to 1:30. Then he takes a break for three hours and hits the gym at 4:30. He stays there till 7:00! Nadal likes to work out using the power plate. The reason being that this amazing machine uses whole body vibration to contract muscles about thirty to fifty times in a second! Without it, this would be just about once or twice per second.

This results in a whole lot of advantages like increased muscle strength, flexibility and of course a decrease in fat. In addition to this, Rafa uses resistance bands. These bands are especially good for the shoulder and the rotator cuff which are two muscle groups which are used widely by tennis players.

Rafa also likes to stretch in order to enhance his flexibility. His personal physical therapist sees to it. What is more, Rafa trains differently for different court surfaces so he is prepared for his game. So it is a little wonder that Rafa is dubbed as the “King of Clay” and has dominated arch rival Roger Federer in almost all the clay surfaces.

A great thing about Rafa (and Federer too) is that he doesn’t believe in taking dietary supplements and the meals he consumes are regular fare. Of course, higher in proteins and carbs since he is an athlete. So if you want to lose weight and look great, do it Rafa’s way – healthy and with a lot of physical exercise. Why not take up tennis too? If it can get Rafa looking as gorgeous as he does, then why shouldn’t you give it a try?

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