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4 Underlying Causes of Anxiety Attack


Anxiety attacks are a complex incidence, apart from the conventional causes of an anxiety attack; there are many underlying causes of anxiety attacks.

We feel anxious before an exam or a test, or when we first learn to drive, or when we need to make a big presentation in the office – a presentation on which our promotion indirectly depends.

However, if you are constantly tense as a result of which you are not able to behave normally and lead a normal life, then it means you are suffering from Anxiety disorders.

Unexpected surges of extreme anxiety or fear are termed as Anxiety Attacks. These attacks are much more intense and larger in magnitude than normal feelings of anxiety or stress.

The Basic Cause

amygdala-anxiety The basic cause of an anxiety attack is the deviation in the normal functioning of the Amygdala. The Amygdala is the tiny portion of the brain which is responsible for anxiety and stress responses to various situations.

This happens when a high level of anxiety is reached which leads to excessive secretion of adrenalin which produces severe symptoms in just a few minutes.

But an anxiety attack is a far my serious matter than just that, there are many underlying causes of anxiety attacks. Of course, the basic cause for anxiety attack is fear whether misplaced or justified.


Underlying Causes of Anxiety Attacks

Underlying causes of anxiety attacks are vast and varied. They can range from heredity, to drug problems (including drug withdrawal), alcoholism and a wide range of other problems. In many cases the underlying causes of anxiety attacks are not clear. Some of the underlying causes of anxiety attacks are highlighted in this article.
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